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Escobar Technologies was founded to provided mobile application solutions for the Healthcare Simulation Community. Developed by end-users for end-users.


  Why Escobar Technologies  



iOS & Android 

Developed using Flutter. Flutter allows mobile applications to be deployed to both iOS and Android platforms using a single code-base.


Made for End-Users

Focused on building applications for day to day use in the simulation center. Addressing the limited availability of healthcare simulation operations applications.


  Mobile Apps   

OAST Manager


Manage Items and Equipment in the simulation center.

Features included:

  • Sign in using:

    • Google​

    • Apple (iOS 13+)

    • Email

  • Cloud Storage

  • Track Item history (Quantity changes)

  • Equipment service tracking, view Open, Pending, and Closed tickets

  • Checkout Equipment, add user details including a Google Map location

  • More features coming soon...


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